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Benefits of employment training from Alpha HR

The rising number of lawsuits filed in courts related to employment contracts is something that businesses, big or small, find worrisome. According to statistics more than 100,000 employees filed illegal dismissal charges against employers in UK last year. This kind of action, which has been increasing by 15% each year, can have costly ramifications on the financial condition of businesses, particularly the small or struggling, as awards to dismissed employees who win their cases can reach as much as £100,000.

Litigation related to employment is not limited to illegal dismissals. With the number employment laws also on the rise, companies can face suits arising from discriminatory practices in the workplace.  Aside from discrimination related to sex, colour, race, disability and age, now companies can be brought before an employment tribunal court   for discriminating against an employee’s religion.

These days HR personnel of companies have to contend with various complex employment regulations that require legal expertise. It is really necessary for them to undergo training that will equip them with deeper understanding of employment laws and how they integrate in the workplace.

When it comes to this kind training for companies or HR personnel the employment training from alpha HR can be of great help. Alpha training offers different kinds training packages including assistance in the preparation of employment documents, assistance in the formulation of employees manual to ensure its provisions conform to existing employment laws, representation in employment tribunals, insurance protection, and much more.

A lot of HR consultant offices which offer employment services often are content with just providing the basics, communicating through emails and a somewhat hands off approach. This is not the kind of service that helps businesses avoid lawsuits. Employment regulations are full of legal jargon that somebody not trained and without experience in this field will have a hard time understanding. This is the reason why businesses prefer the kind of training alpha HR provides.

At alpha, the service that businesses get is comprehensive because aside from the assistance with employee’s handbooks and representation in tribunals, it also offers more personalized services. It visits client offices so it could correctly evaluate the work atmosphere, conducts employment audits to assess clients’ existing practices and policies, and provides management risk reports to properly furnish businesses with tools and information that they can use to avoid lawsuits.

It also regularly sends newsletters to update clients on recent developments on employment laws. These services are preventive since they instill a better understanding of issues that may cause conflicts between employers and employees later on.

The needs of businesses for HR intervention will not be the same. Some, especially those just starting out and small, may require the whole intervention packages, while others may be looking for assistance in specific problem areas. Alpha HR training is flexible enough to accommodate diverse needs which means companies won’t be paying for services that are not availing of.

Included in the packages are in-house trainings on different HR topics that business will find essential for better employee management. This alpha feature makes sure HR personnel acquire the expertise required of them for efficient management of HR programs and issues.